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    Earn credits for walking

    Earn $1.00 of JayCoin credit for every mile you walk in a day.  We convert your activity data from the Health App, which includes walking in your neighborhood, at work, on a treadmill – every little bit counts!

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    Spend at participating merchants

    Redeem your credits at local merchants.  They will give you a discount for the amount of JayCoin you send to them.  Merchants can set limits on how much they'll accept as well as add multipliers so your JayCoin can be worth even more!

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    Healthy people. Healthy community.

    Jaywalk's mission is two-fold: Motivate people to be more active, while increasing foot traffic for local businesses. Your local businesses need you and want to support your health! Get active and support your community at the same time!


More ways to earn

Spot Share

Earn when you post a photo of local "spot" – places to go and things to do.  You also earn whenever your post gets up-voted!


Up-vote or Down-vote posts to help sort the home feed.  You can also change your vote later if you change your mind.

Share with others

See a spot share or merchant ad you want to share with the world outside Jaywalk? Click on the dots at the bottom of the post!


Where to Spend

Have a favorite local spot?

Tell them about us!

We’re running a FREE pilot for merchants until December 31, 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start Jaywalk?

We founded Jaywalk to help solve two big problems: the obesity epidemic as well as the decline of local independent retail stores. Both problems have the same core cause - our sedentary lifestyles. The ease of online commerce as well as the rise of delivery apps has made it easier and easier to stay at home and not engage with merchants in your local community. Jaywalk aims to fix that.

How do you track my miles?

With your permission we connect to your Apple or Android health apps and read your current miles walked for the day. We don’t track your location nor your movement when the app is not in use.

Are you selling my health information?

No. We are only collecting miles walked per day and rewarding you for it with JayCoin credits. We will not sell your personally identifiable data.

Do I earn money with Jaywalk?

With Jaywalk you earn credits for walking ($1/mile), posting content, voting on other posts, and inviting new users to the platform. Those credits can be redeemed for real discounts at local participating merchants.

Why do my Jaycoin expire every night at midnight?

Your pedometer resets to zero every night at midnight because we want you to walk every day! Your local independent merchants also need you to come in, spend some money, and have some fun. Walk a few miles and redeem your JayCoin before midnight. It’s easy!

Is JayCoin like Bitcoin?

JayCoin is not a cryptocurrency. It’s simply the credits earned for walking and sharing. You can’t buy or sell JayCoin.

Download Jaywalk for Free!

Jaywalk uses the Apple HealthKit to calculate daily JayCoin. The app uses your location to show nearby posts and participating merchants.


Contact us with your feedback or questions!