Main Street is back

You love your chalkboard. But only people right outside can see it. What about the thousands that are around the corner, down the strip, or stuck in office buildings across the highway?



You advertise in paper and online media, spending thousands a month. You compete with selfies, news echo chambers and cat videos and keeping up with all the different channels is exhausting.



We’re Jaywalk, and we’re digitizing your chalkboard. You can add photos, push timely deals and share what it’s like to enjoy your place to a much wider audience.



We give you a real time view of who’s around you, who likes what you sell and make, and when they’re most likely to pop in.



The best part? We’re affordable. Starting at $19.99 a month you can reach thousands of people within 5 miles of your location.


We’ve done the research. The best kind of ads focus on experiences not products. The best kind of ads are served when they can be acted upon.


Have a happy hour that start at 4pm? We push that ad at 3:30.


Doing a one day flash sale? We only push that ad the day before.


We’re revolutionizing local advertising to help local business. We don’t work with big national chains. We believe that small business have gotten a raw deal in this country. We also know consumers think they’re getting good deals online, but they’re missing out on real life.


We’re Jaywalk and we’re bringing Main Street back.



03Share Deals

Your deals appear within a 2 mile radius of your place. Tell people about specials, deals, and coupons instantly.

03Meet Your Regulars

Jaywalk helps you find your biggest fans. You can meet them, interact with them, and help them add you to their list of favorite spots. 


Target Your Customers

Access search terms in real time to target fans of your product. Grab #tacos on Taco Tuesday or #books on a lazy Saturday. We’ll show you how.

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