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Increase foot traffic & build loyalty

In addition to being showcased on a Merchant Map, you can post your own ad in the Home Feed to promote specials, news, or just an awesome photo of your product or service!

In addition to promoting our users' health, we are equally focused on helping local businesses grow and thrive.  Through hours of research and strategy planning, we have created a system that lets users have an instant gratification of a discount, without draining our merchant's banks. The average person walks 2.5 miles per day, which equals $2.50 JayCoin. We added the midnight expiration to keep the discounts low and add a sense of urgency and FOMO for spending before time is up.

We also want merchants to support each other to build their local economy by making neighborhoods destination spots for spending JayCoin. The more businesses within a walking area that participate, the more appealing the neighborhood becomes to a potential consumer.

Support healthy habits

Accepting JayCoin shows you care about the health of your customers

As a small business, you personally know the people coming in to buy your local products and services, you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have. The members of a community celebrate when a favorite local business succeeds and mourn when it’s forced to shut its doors.  Celebrate your customer's effort in leading a more active life.  Keeping the members of the community healthy will help them thrive in their own lives and bring more business back to you.

When a community is healthy, a business has a strong base of clients and customers to draw upon. Investing in the community over the long term benefits a business by creating a thriving, successful and secure customer base.

Build your local network/Strengthen local partnerships

Small businesses that support each other do better

With thriving small businesses, the impression can be one of vitality and wealth. It can create positive vibes for the entire community.

Local partnerships are also often a key tool for engendering goodwill between business owners, so that as foot traffic to one business increases, other nearby businesses benefit through increased exposure and word-of-mouth referrals.

Benefits for everyone

Create jobs, keep money in the local economy,

“When you shop at local small businesses, tax money is staying in your town,”  “You are benefiting your own police department and school. The sales tax is going to your local municipality. Shopping at small, local businesses creates a bigger tax revenue benefit for the entire community.”

In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage. Make your community a destination. The more interesting and unique you community, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors and guests. This benefits everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost me?

Nothing. We’re running a FREE pilot period until December 31, 2018. We will begin charging for Jaywalk in 2019 and pilot merchants will receive a deep discount after we assess our final price point. Our pilot is set up for us to learn what the appropriate price point will be for merchants on a subscription basis but we may elect not to charge merchants in 2019 either and seek other forms of revenue.

How often can I change my JayCoin limits?

Whenever you like. We recommend something simple, for example “$1 in Jaycoin accepted per person per purchase”. You simply add that as text on your Jaywalk Ad and tell your employees about the limit. You also get the chance to confirm any credit redemption by clicking "Accept" on the user’s phone to confirm how much Jaycoin is being redeemed and from whom.

Do I need to modify my POS?

No. Think of each Jaywalk interaction as a coupon your customer brings in. Once they send you JayCoin they cannot reuse it and you can simply add the discount to the bill in your normal way. We want the process to be as simple as possible.

What happens to the JayCoin when it's sent to me?

When you sign up to be a Jaywalk Merchant you get a dashboard that allows you to see how much JayCoin users have redeemed. This will give you a clear sense of what impact Jaywalk is having for your business. We will add more data to your dashboard over the next year to help you understand customer flows and optimization.

Who will see my Ad?

Anyone with the Jaywalk app can see your ad in our content feed on the home page. People that are closer to you in distance and people that have turned on notifications from your business will see your ad before other content or advertisements.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions feel free to chat with us on on Messenger or send us an email.

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